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Kishor Bajrang


Vennela Foundation began about seven years ago with one sole purpose – to serve and uplift our community so that everyone can meet their basic needs and have a good quality of life. I started this organisation with an idea and a few volunteers. Today, Vennela has a large network of volunteers, who have come together to enable the community.

I believe in the importance of education and giving the opportunity for real talent. We set up scholarship programs for the underprivileged and high performing students, giving them better career prospects.

We collaborate with old-aged homes and orphanages. We provide financial and other aids depending on their needs. These are people who need support from the community.

Many people cannot afford their healthcare. We took it upon ourselves to give them financial assistance or buy their medication for them.

Apart from these, we have various initiatives that contribute to improving our society, such as drinking water, medical relief during crisis, celebration of important festivals with those who cannot afford it etc.

I would not be able to do this alone. I have a wonderful team of volunteers who have played a significant role in the growth of Vennela Foundation.

I would encourage each of you to join my team and me in this journey, so that we can reach more communities and ensure that everyone has gets better standard of life.